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 Lawn Tips
  • Floratam should be cut at a minimum of 4".
  • Bahia should be cut at a minimum of 3".
  • Water each zone approximately 30 minutes a week on your designated watering day.  (Be sure to adjust if you have had a significant rain.)
  • Brown areas aren't always because of the sun; it could be insect damage.  Get these areas checked to make sure your lawn is healthy.
  • After applying fertilizer make sure that it is watered in (after drying, if liquid).
  • Cutting your grass too much could do more harm then good.  This makes your grass vulnerable to the sun, insects, and cold weather. 
Please remember to abide by Hernando County watering restrictions to avoid receiving a fine.  You may visit their website for a list of  days you are allowed to water. 
Click the link below for the latest watering restictions issued by Hernando County.
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