Norton Landscape LLC -       Formerly Norton Landscaping & Lawn Care
We serve Hernando & Pasco Counties.
Our services include:
Full Lawn Maintenance - Mowing, edging, weed eating, small debris removal, & air blowing of concrete areas (including roadways).
Landscape Design - Have us design your landscape areas from scratch.
Pressure Cleaning- Houses, concrete areas, decks and more.
Rock & Mulch Installation - Create a new area or update your old.
Plant Installation - We will pick up, deliver, and install plants or use plants you supply.  Also, we will remove & dispose of any hedges or plants requested.
Sod Installation - Entire yards or smaller areas.
Hedge Trimming - Trim your hedges or shape them into a square, rectangle, umbrella, or ball design.
Tree Trimming - Trim up your palm trees, shrub trees, and other kinds of trees to create a design or to keep off your home or business.
Weed Removal - Pulling weeds on a monthly plan or by hourly rate.
Weed Control Application - Spraying professional grade weed control in planters or along fence lines and around the base of trees as requested.
Lawn Clean Up - When your yard is high & out of control.
Leaf Removal - Help your yard look it's best.
Sprinkler Repair - Replace sprinkler heads or unclog them.
Fence Clean Up - Removal of those stubborn vines that intertwine between the links in your fence.
Fertilization - We can apply organic fertilizer and insect control to allow your plants and grass to reach it's highest potential.  Organic is environmentally friendly and safer for children and pets.
We offer by the cut, monthly agreement, or a yearly contract for full lawn maintenance.  We also have monthly landscape maintenance plans.
Choose from our services above and let us design your monthly maintenance package to satisfy all you lawn care
and landscape needs.
Enjoy your weekends off.  Allow us to take care of all your landscaping needs.
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